Peter Trossbach

• First Theology •

Seminary: Mount Saint Mary’s
Home Parish: St. George, Valley Lee
Enjoys writing poetry, making rosaries, playing the bass, watching movies, and playing sports.

My Life Before Seminary:
I am from Leonardtown, MD, growing up in the same house my whole life. Both of my parents are Catholic and raised me in the Faith. I am the youngest of my brother and two half-siblings: brother and sister (both much older). Public-schooled for most of my life, transferring to St. Mary’s Ryken High School just before my sophomore year changed a lot in my life.

What Convinced Me to Enter Seminary:
I originally came to the school to play football, but like many, still seeking more and yet having a primarily nominal faith. On our mandatory sophomore retreat, I met Fr. Scott Woods who, by our Lord’s grace, set fire to the wood my parents, my pastor, and my theology teacher at the time, Mr. Scheiber, had been building up in my soul. This led to stirrings of the heart in adoration while working as a counselor at St. John’s Summer Program and then conversation with my spiritual director at the time, Fr. Scott Woods, I signed up for  Quo Vadis before my senior year of high school. While in that silent intimacy, the Lord moved my heart, calling me feed His sheep. After the Lord reaffirmed this repeatedly despite my stubbornness, I talked with Fr. Ivany who helped guide me and later started me on the application process. My desire to partake in His full self-gift through the priesthood has only continued to grow, burning deeper and brighter in my heart. His love, His way, brings me true joy and peace.

Other Interests Include:
Being with my brothers here adds to this joy, and I enjoy writing poetry, making Rosaries for my brothers, reading Flannery O’Connor, playing the bass, watching movies, and playing sports with my brothers: frisbee, soccer, basketball, football, boxing, wiffle ball, and powerlifting.



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Is God Calling You To Be a Priest?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Give Him a chance, and He’ll tell you.