Deacon Benedict Radich

• Fourth Theology •

Seminary: Mount Saint Mary’s
Home Parish: St. Patrick, Rockville
The oldest of six children and was homeschooled. He enjoys playing the drums, listening to music and playing Australian rules football.

I grew up homeschooled, except for a stint at the Heights School in middle school. My parents blessed me with a tremendous formation in the faith, as well as an abundant sacramental life: frequent daily mass, regular confession, visits to the Blessed Sacrament on family outings, and the like. I’ve always loved sports, and played one or another year-round well into high school. In high school, I became more involved in my parish, attending youth groups, retreats, and daily mass more often. During my senior year, I had the opportunity to serve on the Archdiocesan Youth Leadership Team, helping plan the Youth Mass and Rally for Life.

What convinced me to enter the seminary:
Over the course of my time in high school, the Lord revealed to me the desire for fatherhood that He had placed on my heart. Through excellent spiritual direction (and persistent prayer!), He further allowed me see the beauty of that call as it is lived out in the priesthood. The priest, in the Person of Christ, is called to image the love of the Father to the souls in his care! I was so attracted to that, especially in the sacraments. Having received God’s love and infinite Mercy through so many good, holy priests, I wanted to be an agent of His grace for His Church in the same way. Still, I wasn’t sure what our Lord was asking of me. I had some fears and doubts about my fulfillment as a priest, and particularly in seminary. The homeschooling community I came from has had a number of men enter seminary, and it was particularly through their witness of joy and peace that I was able to see myself in formation. I thought, “Ok, these guys have had a similar upbringing to me, we’ve grown up together, and they’re happy in the seminary. Maybe I could be too!” This prompted me to apply, and I was accepted and entered straight out of high school.

Other interests include:
I love following and playing sports, especially football, basketball and Australian rules football. I play the drums and ukulele, and in high school I recorded and produced music for and in a number of bands. I was also involved in theater, both on- and off-stage, for most of high school. I love reading, especially American literature and books on the spiritual life, good music, good movies, and the outdoors.



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Is God Calling You To Be a Priest?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Give Him a chance, and He’ll tell you.